Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Boots Wild Strawberry body spray

Natural Collection Wild Strawberry body spray

Since the recent inexplicable April heatwave, everyone seems to be rushing to get themselves ready for summer. It was hot, sticky and downright disconcerting outside, so I decided it was high time for me to grab a new body spray and tackle the season head on. 

The Boots Natural Collection range consists of a variety of affordable face, bath and body products. I already own a somewhat sickly Vanilla and berry scented Passionfruit spray but I was enticed recently by the idea of a fruitier fragrance. The Wild strawberry offering from the collection has some flaws I’ll admit but I honestly find it a wearable summery spritz for cooling off and freshening up.

The first flaw is the initial chemical aroma that taints most sprays in the collection. As soon as I have spritzed there is a distinctive whiff of alcohol that takes a while to clear in the air. The apple spray they offer suffers greatly from this. This is a fundamental flaw for most cheap fragrances but once this fades and the air clears a little the sweet scent of strawberry alone lingers nicely on the skin.

Another flaw is that the scent doesn’t last very long. I haven’t actually timed it but over the course of the day you may have to reapply quite a number of times in order to keep smelling as sweet. It is worth noting that the scent itself is very sweet and my Mother likened it somewhat to pick and mix. A male friend of mine was somewhat less forgiving and told me it reminded him of a “half sucked boiled sweet.” Delightful.

Now these may sound like dealbreaker points but I have a feeling that somehow this spray will stay in my bag throughout the warmer months for several reasons. Firstly – the bottle contains 150ml of spray and only cost me £1.35 through a discount on the range. The sprays are regularly priced at £2.03 and even then you get quite a lot of fragrance for not a lot of money.

Secondly, as a quick pick-me-up on a hot day I think I enjoy the lingering scent enough to get over the first overpowering waft. I find the collection very hit and miss but I think that Wild strawberry is a hit with me.  A minor bug-bear of mine with the packaging is that I always seem to lose the lid from one bag to another but the payoff of a delicious strawberry tinged summer makes it worth it.


  1. I actually prefer body sprays like Impulse, So etc etc... they're cheap and last the whole day! And there's no risk of spillage in your bag :)

  2. One of my personal favourites is actually Charlie Chic bodyspray, but I couldn't resist this one!