Sunday, 19 June 2011

A fortnight in reverie!


Apologies that I didn't get this posted last week! Here is 'A week in reverie' which this week will be my personal roundup of interesting links and news from the past fortnight!
  • Last Saturday I headed with my parents and boyfriend to Glastonbury. No, not the festival but actually the town. Due to the many different spiritual links and beliefs about the place we always enjoy visiting and it makes for interesting shopping. We visited a peace garden and wandered around the town which is always great. One of the things I love is that the shops themselves are presented beautifully. One of my favourite places is a sheltered courtyard where there are statues, murals, candles and crystals set into the floor/walls of one of the passageways.
  • One of the places we stumbled across in the courtyard was Star Child. If you're interested in natural products then perhaps this apothecary will be of interest! I am kicking myself for not buying some of their gorgeous bath oils in 'Energy' while I was there. They also have candles, pure essential oils, statues, and a range of herbal products. We spent so long in there just smelling all the gorgeous concoctions. Lovely stuff!
  • Since my recent post about my shopping mantras showed exactly how stingey I am, I am proudly announcing that this week I'll be reviewing a 99p eyeshadow palette. Yes really, a 99p eyeshadow palette with some refreshingly strong pigmentation! While the palette consists of 5 shades (yellow, orange, bright red, cranberry and fuchsia) I've found them surprisingly wearable.
  • I've been really enormously inspired this week by these two Biba makeup youtube videos by Lisa Eldridge. The looks are so ethereal and stunning and are pretty much the sole reason that I've been playing with red and orange eyeshadows at all! They've spurred me on to be a lot less lazy about my makeup, which is always a good thing.
  • Finally, I am very grateful this week for awesome shop assistants! Firstly to the great lady in my local Superdrug who commiserated with me about my quest to find some local stockists of MUA pro. It's only a small branch so I always feel slightly guilty for asking after awkward things but she always has a sensible answer. Secondly, I am grateful for the lovely lady in the Body Shop who told me she liked my eye colour. I had my pale green GOSH shadows on that day if that's what she meant but either way, it perked up my rain dampened shopping trip no end!
  • Also if you've got any suggestions for my upcoming youtube videos please let me know! Feel free to comment, follow me Twitter and ask away on Formspring!


    1. Hello =]
      I saw your comment on All-Made-Up-21 on her review for LUSH's Lemon Flutter.

      I just wanted to respond to your question about sensitive skin;
      Their products are all natural, even their perfumes. They have a body butter called Dream Cream and it is made for very sensitive skin types, and great for psoriasis and eczema. Just let the LUSH rep know you have sensitive skin.

      I hope I helped a little =] Let me know if you have any other questions =]

    2. @Jessie Thank you so much! I always tend to have trouble with perfumed products but knowing this, I'm sure I could give LUSH a try now!x

    3. HI there! Just wanted to let you know I tagged you here...

    4. @Ct1980 thank you for the tag! I'm really flattered :D