Sunday, 5 June 2011

A week in reverie...

Photo by the wonderful Pearled at Flickr!

Welcome to another installment of my weekly feature 'A week in reverie' which is my personal roundup of interesting links and news from the past 7 days!
  • Hopefully after a few technical adjustments I might make my first youtube video this week! I thought that they would be a nice way to vary my posting and if all goes well my first one will be up soon. If anybody has anything they'd specifically like me to use as a topic I'm open to suggestions! I will of course continue writing here but I think the odd video thrown in could be fun.
  • After seeing Hannah at Away with the fairies... post some gorgeous floral nails recently I was growing increasingly tempted to try some nail art. Now although my attempts at floral or galaxy nails weren't quite as successful as I'd have liked, I was still pretty impressed. After browsing through the 'nail art' tag on tumblr I was left full of ideas. Galaxy nails Christopher Kane stylee? A bit beyond my skill-level but astoundingly cool to look at. Now that my nails are finally of a decent length again you should start seeing them more!
  • Due to my criminal roots, I redid my blonde this week and used 2 boxes of Garnier Belle Colour in their new updated 'Luminous' shade 'Ivory blonde.' One of the things I love about this shade is that it lifts my roots pretty nicely without the need for bleaching again as I am naturally a rather bland brunette. My past encounters with bleach have left my hair more frazzled than I care to admit! This week my hair was left a little damaged due probably to my sub-par clockwatching but I shall be deep conditioning my socks off to counteract this. Overall the tones in this shade manage to find a nice balance between a pale 'honey' and 'ashy' blonde without being left a vibrant yellow or too dark. I was left with what I consider to be artfully disguised roots and some pale highlights. Most pleased!
  • Now I'm sure by now that most of you know I can't extend my budget to high-end products. However that doesn't stop me making big eyes at the gorgeous Dior powder reviewed here by Zoe. Doesn't it look absolutely lovely on her?
  • Finally I can tell you that my giveaway ends today at midnight. If you haven't already entered there is still time so get your skates on and good luck!


    1. YouTube vids! That would be awesome =)

    2. @Rosh I'm not sure how many I'll do yet but I'll give it a try for sure! Any topic ideas? x

    3. Any chance you could do some nail art tutorials? That would be fabulous!
      Oh and say hi to your 70th follower!! :)

    4. @Joelle I was thinking of a tutorial picture post later on in the week when I'm back home with my polishes! And hello! Thank you so much for following :D xx