Thursday, 8 September 2011

The blonde brow dye-lemna part 1

If anybody reading is unaware of this - my hair has not always been blonde. Well, unless you count up until the age of 5 but really my hair became naturally a mid-brown shade and stuck there a long time ago. However that natural colour has been concealed for the best part of the past 5 years due to my experimentations with home hair dye kits and I've since been been red, orange, purple and this year I happily settled on blonde.

The main difficulty with going blonde from purple was exactly that - going blonde from purple! What I can't ignore though having got past that is the constant need to maintain the colour. Topping up to cover my roots is the first obvious must but recently, I've had another problem...

My eyebrows have always been quite fine; but their bland brown tint this has made them actually pretty difficult to integrate with the more vibrant hair colours I've tried. Here they are in their plucked-but-natural state. While they are just about light enough to look inkeeping with my shade of blonde, I find that day to day they do still need a bit of attention... And yet more attention I pay to my eyebrows the worse they seem!

While I'm happy with my hair as it is now, since going blonde I wouldn't dream of putting on my face without at least some pencilling and combing of my eyebrows! So in the following blonde brow series I'm going to show you what they look like naturally, my current budget go-to products, and compare them both to a higher-end product I'll be trialling by an industry expert.

Anastasia Soare of Beverly Hills has been an eye and brow guru to Madonna, Oprah and Jennifer Lopez. With products that boast a focus on skincare, clinically tested formulas and a recently expanded range of shades, I was definitely intriged to be offerered a chance to trial her answer to my daily problem of unkempt brows! Her products are available in Sephora and in the posts that follow, I'm hoping to investigate just how much of a difference a total shakeup to my brow routine will make. I'll see you all in part 2!


  1. My eyebrows are black though and I don't like them too much either, I could never really get away with dying my hair a light blond colour. I do understand where your coming from though. Brown would maybe be the best eyebrow colour lol :)

  2. I have similar problems with my eyebrows! I'm also blonde, and my eyebrows are so blonde naturally, they're almost white... so I usually tint them or I look a bit strange (like I don't have any eyebrows!!) I always find that getting the balance between too dark and too light is so much harder with blonde hair, so will be interested to see how it goes :)


  3. @SaoirseD - I'm working on finding a solution really, hoping it turns out ok!

    @Catherine - Thanks for commenting! I hope that you like the rest of the series x