Sunday, 2 October 2011

So...? Kiss me review and giveaway!

Recently I was given the oppurtunity by So...? Fragrances to try out their So...? Kiss me body spray and eau de toilette. I have always been aware of the brand but have finally got a chance to try out these two products myself when they arrived in the post last week!

This perfume is a girly scent packed with a lovely blend of fruity blackcurrant and vanilla notes with a sweet dose of vanilla and woody musks. The fruity notes were the first thing I noticed but after a while I was left with a quite sweet musk. I've worn vanilla scents in the past but this perfume is definitely more distinctive than that. I was actually surprised that the fragrance was quite so musky!

The perfume I tried was 50ml and was simple in design but easy to hold. Yes, this actually matters to me. I've got tiny hands and am pretty clumsy, so I can tell you all that this product is foolproof! For a £10 product (via So...? website) I do think the design is quite basic but I can say that the bottle is in no way awkward. The body spray I tried was 75ml and was printed with the So...? Kiss me lips motif that I really like. I'd personally love to see the lips theme continued onto the perfume bottle or in the shape of the lid?

I actually think that I'd wear this on a date regardless of the name. The sweetness that lasts on the skin is rather nice, so for a lingering vanilla scent on a night out I'd probably reach for this. The perfume also lasts for a few hours on the skin. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of musk, but prefer the fruity notes in this fragrance... Which is unsurprisingly where the body spray won me over!

The body spray is lighter than the perfume and I find it much brighter for it. While the musk in the perfume can mask the light fruity notes, as soon as this spray is used you can smell berries with a good dose of pineapple. And although the blackcurrant is there, I'm not reminded of squash at children's parties! While this spray unfortunately doesn't last for as long as the perfume, I use body sprays daily and have reached for this product a lot more. It's definitely my favourite and I've been wearing it a lot!

'So...? kiss me' body spray has a fragrance that I think would be great for the winter as it is lovely and warm but not overpowering. If this comparison makes any sense to anyone, it reminds me a bit of the 'Diva' Batiste fragrance which I really like. Anyone? I can definitely imagine myself keeping this in my bag during the day while I'm at uni. What I like most about it is the warmth and clear berry notes. Anyway, for £10 and £2 respectively, these products are definitely an option for anyone looking for an afforable new fragrance this autumn!

So...? Fragrances are definitely budget friendly and provide numerous options for gifts and little treats! I'm going to personally investigate more of the offerings from this brand and I'd definitely say they are worth looking into! I'm very pleased to say that So...? have given me the chance to give away one of each of these products.  

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- The competition is open to UK residents only.
- The competition is closing on the 5th of Oct 2011 at 11.59pm. Good luck everybody!

Products reviewed here were supplied to me by So...? Fragrances, but the views stated here were my own!


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