Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas crafts - A DIY advent calendar!

A few weeks ago I decided that I'd start a craft project for one of my boyfriend's Christmas presents. We're in a long distance relationship so I wanted to give him a present that'd keep him feeling Christmassy while he was still stuck away at uni. Finally it is finished and here are a few shots of my homemade advent calendar along the way. I've told him not to peek at this until he unwraps it tomorrow!

I started off by collecting 25 sweets that I knew he loved. The good thing about making him a chocolate advent calendar was being able to pick all his favourites!

Then I worked out which presents were going to be for which days. I went from small parcels at the start of the month and naturally left the biggest for Christmas day! I simply cut down normal parcel labels to mark them with the day.

I tried to make the wrapping special to make it hard to guess the contents and to give him something to unwrap every day. Here I used a mini cracker making set to cleverly conceal some treats!

I sometimes used things that he could keep and re-use, like this mini stocking decoration that I filled with sweets.

I suppose the only really crafty element was the wrapping so I tried to have fun with it...

I stuck a robin on one of his presents.

And I drew him a little striped Christmas cat!

Nearly everything was wrapped in tissue paper because it worked better with the slightly awkward shapes of some of the gifts.

When everything was complete/ I popped it all in a box...

And sealed it up ready for December 1st! While I am giving this to him at the start of the month, I'm sure that gathering 25 little treats would make a good themed gift on the day itself too.I'm really excited to see what he thinks and I hope that he enjoys it all the way through to Christmas day. Fingers crossed!


  1. Aw thats such a cute idea! will def remember that for next year!


  2. You must be the nicest girlfriend in the world! I'm sure he'll appreciate it! Aww! It's amazing!

  3. This is such a great and caring idea! I love it! If he doesn't love this then there's something wrong with him cause I think everybody would like this! It's too cute!

  4. my friends mum used to do this for her! this is so cute xxx