Wednesday, 27 April 2011

2true Colour Drench Lipgloss

Whilst perusing online a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the 2true cosmetics website.

Any regular visitor to Superdrug will probably have noticed the range which boasts a wide selection of products at £1.99 each or 3 for £4.99. I’ve tried their glitter eyeliners before but was seeking out information on their lipglosses when I noticed they hold a monthly competition. Since I’m not one to say no to a chance of winning, I filled out the short form for my chance to win a product and thought nothing of it after that...

In fact, I completely forgot about it until my prize arrived in the post the other day! Luck was doubly on my side as I won one of the lipglosses I had been reading about. Shade 1 in their Colour Drench lipgloss range doesn’t actually look that inspiring in the tube. The gloss looks a deep beigey pink in the tube with a standard application wand I wasn’t particularly impressed until I tried it out.

As you can see from the swatches, the shade actually has peachy undertones and on my lips gives a nice dewy shine. The consistency of the gloss seems thick but I don’t find it sticky at all. The wear of this gloss seems good and upon further inspection it nicely smoothes one of my awkward bright matte lipstick shades. The pigmentation is subtle but notable and it even has quite a nice subtle scent to it whilst remaining tasteless. I would have been very pleasantly surprised by this pretty nude shade had I gone out and bought it for just £1.99 so I’m even happier that I ended up getting it for free! Don’t be fooled by the price of this product and swatch a few shades next time you’re instore

PS. Take my advice and enter a competition this week!


  1. That lipgloss looks nice! And it's cheap... I might buy it :)

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  2. It comes in some brighter shades which I'm very tempted by!

    I've followed you right back x