Monday, 25 April 2011

About me

Face of mischief

Hi there, my name is Jenny and I live in West London in a nice leafy suburb. I recently turned 19 and at the end of the summer I'll be attending a local university to study English. I’ve always had a strong interest in photography so I’ll try and incorporate that as much as possible with my posts.
I’ve not always exactly immersed myself in beauty and fashion but I studied art history and have a keen interest in creative expression. I try to dabble in everything from jewellery making to sewing, painting to knitting to batik. I’m an incurable doodler and daydreamer and I love museums.

What I like about fashion and style is the whimsy and the creativity. I like that people can take an idea and create something beautiful or subversive or just plain fun from it. Similarly with makeup and beauty I was late to the party but the more I learnt the more fascinated I became. I’m definitely no expert but I’ll blog about my exploits because I enjoy them!
Whimsy on a small budget may be tough, but I aim to prove with this blog that it’s not impossible. I’m a keen thrifter and always have my eyes open for a bargain. Fortunately, there are an abundance of charity shops near me but I’m not adverse to hitting the highstreet either.

I’m currently in a relationship with my wonderful Michael who tolerates many, many trips to Superdrug and watched every single episode of the Clangers with me. He’s that good.
I collect records and my favourite tv show is probably University Challenge. So there you are!

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