Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A quick FOTD!

It was my lovely boyfriend Mike's birthday on Monday and here is the look I wore out that night! Unfortunately I foolishly forgot to take pictures before I went out but this is what I returned with (plus some powder and lip product reapplication)! I'll be reviewing the GOSH eyeshadow quad (in Evergreen) that I used as part of this look because although I was tentative at first, I've been warming to green eyeshadows a lot lately. I've also unfortunately been having quite a bit of trouble with my skin being dry and I'm in my pyjamas in these photos. Such a glamorous life I lead!
I've not shown my hair properly here until now because it's quite difficult to include in most pictures! Even here some of it escaped out of the edge of the picture. I tend not to do much with it simply because I'm very lazy and there's an awful lot of it. I normally wear it clipped at the top and let the ends do as they wish. I might try and do some hair posts in the future but I'm definitely going to do a dye top up first!

Products used on my face were L'oreal Paris 16 hour foundation in porcelain, Collection 2000 cover up stick in light translucent, Collection 2000 pressed powder in ivory, MUA bronzer and MUA blusher in shade 1. On my brows I used MUA brow pencil in blonde and their mascara in shade 5. On my eyes I used my GOSH Evergreen eyeshadow quad along with Accessorize's sage eyeshadow, a GOSH eyeliner pencil in black and my Rimmel Glam Eyes lash flirt mascara in black. On my lips I smudged Collection 2000's lasting colour bubblegum lipstick and finished the look off with my 2true Colour drench lipgloss in shade 1.


  1. Model Material! Loving your lipgloss. Your hair is gorgeous too! xx

  2. Your hair is really pretty! It's dyed? I thought it was natural :)

  3. @Grace thank you! The lipstick under it really tints the nude gloss so well.

    @Rosh Yes! I'm glad I managed to convince you actually! I used to have dark purple hair until January. :)

  4. omg i loveee your eyes ! theyre soooo pretty ! and the eye-makeup really compliments them ! ^_^ love your hair color tooo ~

  5. I LOVE your hair - the colour, and how it's so nice, long and wavy.
    And you have such beautiful porcelain skin!

    Beautiful eye make up too :-)


  6. Your hair colour is amazing, it's so pretty x

  7. @Sandy - thank you! I never used to wear green but I'm really loving it now.

    @Miss - thank you so much!

    @Summer - Thank you!