Sunday, 22 May 2011

A week in reverie...

Photo by the supremely talented Autumn Fingers at Flickr!

Welcome to the second installment of my weekly feature 'A week in reverie' which is my personal roundup of interesting links and news from the past 7 days!
  • I got some exciting news this week when my photograph ended up in the top 50 in the Paul Smith Optimistic facebook competition! The prize was a pair of tickets to a special party in London next week and I'm over the moon to be going. Hopefully I'll be making a post about it after the event. Paul Smith is a brand that I've always found fascinating and ever so playful so I'm certain it'll be a fun experience!
  • Next, I picked up my Superdrug beauty card instore this week when picking up my prize for my giveaway and although the general consensus is that it doesn't really compete with its competitors on generosity, I'm always in Superdrug so it will inevitably throw a few more perks into my sprees there.
  • I'm a big fan of Katie's Beauty Blog and I'd advise anyone looking for an easy summery style for long hair to check out her speedy tutorial for Fishtail plaits. I'm pretty lazy with my hair but I managed to throw one of these together whilst waiting for a bus earlier this week!
  • If you missed the #bbloggers chat last Sunday here is a quick overview by the organiser herself Makeup Savvy. I discovered some really wonderful blogs and bloggers through the chat and if you can join in from 8-9pm this Sunday that post also outlines the topics that should be covered this week!
  • And finally, I'm sure I'll be running around like a headless chicken tomorrow as it's the boyfriend's birthday on Monday and I've still got a few things to pick up. Wish me luck everybody!


    1. congratulations, thats amazing :)
      cant wait to here about it x

    2. @Roxanne and @Rosh thank you both! I'm stoked for it although I really have no idea what to expect!

    3. Hi I'm a new follower and I am in love with your blog already :)
      I have given you a blog award xx

    4. congrats on being in the top 50 :) just found your blog I love it X

    5. @MagalufLady Thank you so much for the award, I'm really flattered!

      @rose petals I'm really glad you like it!