Sunday, 29 May 2011

A week in reverie...

Semi-precious - 189/365
Photo from JenniferGentle my old photography flickr!

Here is my third post of 'A week in Reverie' full of the things I've been loving, content I'm planning and blogs I've been reading this week!
  • At the start of this week was my boyfriend Mike's birthday and that is where my most recent FOTD is from. I returned on Tuesday and then was busy again on Thursday getting ready for the Paul Smith party I won an invite to in his 'Optimistic' competition! Phew. Unfortunately I took no photos at the event but got an outfit shot for me and even one for Mike. All the details will crop up in a post soon.
  • Next, I discovered I have won a Butterfly award from the lovely MagalufLady and the rules state that I have to post a random fact about myself and nominate some of my favourite bloggers! Well the random fact can be that I can play the piano quite well even though I haven't been practising properly for a while. And I nominate Glitter and Carousels, Forever Miss Vanity and Viva Adonis!
  • MUA are releasing their professional range this week and take a look at The Student's Guide To Nail Polish for a post showing all of the new products! While I love the £1 range MUA have, I am intruiged to see how they have upped the ante with these new products! While the hike in price will put them in direct competition with brands like Collection 2000, Miss Sporty and 2true I'm still excited for it given that the quality of their cheaper products is already rather good! The blushers look great and I can seriously see myself snapping up one of those palettes. Check out MUA on facebook for their regular updates and details on which Superdrug stores will stock the new line.
  • If you want to have a little more input into the content of this blog, why not have a quick look at the poll I have running which ends in just a few days. If you've got any other suggestions for post please leave a comment!
  • And finally, I'd like to thank you all for helping me reach a grand total of 53 followers. I hit 50 in the week and was so excited but the fact that the number has risen since then makes me even happier! Every single comment is appreciated and to all my current followers don't forget that one comment over here will enter you into my Accessorize giveaway. It's just a little way for me to say thank you.

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